Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obama Plans to Allow Spy Agencies to Read Your Bank Records

Remember 9 years ago when word came out that the Bush administration was using already existent law to ask cell phone companies for information on phone numbers outside the United States that were suspected of being used by terror organizations?  This set off a national scandal as outraged Democrats called for congressional hearings, investigations and repeal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  The screaming editorials raged for two years from the left wing media in this country.  And all of this over the idea that the administration asked cell phone companies for information...information that if denied by any of those companies actual penalty from the government.

Today the Obama administration is working on plans to open up personal financial records of every single American citizen to be scrutinized without limitation by the CIA, the NSA and the Director of National Intelligence.  The database already exists and has gone largely unmentioned by the same Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Cable News Network or major broadcast media who were calling for Impeachment of George W. Bush in 2005. 

Democrats by definition are hypocrites.

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