Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guns in Schools

Foxnews has an article regarding South Dakota enacting a law to allow armed teachers in the classroom.  There is a question being circulated asking "will this make schools safer."  The answer of course is..YES!  It will absolutely inherently deter random shooters and premeditated killers from preying on children.  And if one should happen to enter the school there is an infinitely better chance of them being stopped if there is a teacher with a gun.  Nothing stops a bad guy who is armed like a good guy who is armed.  That will never not be true regardless of what the Idiocracy on the left says about things.

I hear quite a lot of folks on the left (and liars who claim to be Conservative but are gun grabbers) saying "more guns is not the answer."  or my favorite "violence is not the answer."  as if the guns alone are the issue.  They are not.  The issue at hand is actually how to limit or contain the actual violence of a few people when the occasion arises.  And history 100% of the time proves over and over in as many examples as you may want to ask for...more guns is often the answer.  Violence in fact is almost always the answer.  It is really just a matter of who is using the gun and where the violence is being directed.

Allow teachers to pack.  Your kids will be safer.  It is automatic and absolute.  Any other solution is really just an invitation to murder school children.

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