Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Death of Hugo Chavez

So today word comes from Venezuela that President Hugo Chavez has died of cancer at 58 years of age.  I expect to see many Hollywierd types coming out expressing their condolences from their friend and champion.  President Chavez was a friend and champion to many causes.  Among those causes he was a friend to were various Islamofascist terror groups in the Middle East.  He was also a friend to torture when it came to his political opponents.  He was a murdering despot who constantly suppressed basic human rights in Venezuela and assisted in destabilizing his neighbors.  He was the enemy of freedom loving people everywhere regardless of how stupid they might be (Sean Penn, Oliver Stone I'm talking to YOU!).

Yep the world lost a champion and a friend today...a champion of evil and a friend of the devil.  Hugo Chavez...I take comfort in the reality that your soul has entered Hell for eternal damnation.  Burn forever you wicked SOB.  The world is cleaner tonight with your departure.

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