Monday, April 18, 2016

Trump Shakeup

The Trump campaign's ground game has been terrible for weeks now.  From chaos at the top of his Colorado campaign team to just getting a California campaign manager last week things have gone badly for Mr. Trump in the quest for delegates.

Tomorrow is New York's much anticipated primary.  Donald Trump most certainly needs upward of 75 delegates in his Empire State haul tomorrow to maintain any reasonable chance at the nomination. 

This past weekend we saw in several states the Trump campaign trounced in state conventions for delegates by the Cruz campaign.  Today it seems to have hit a boiling point.

Last week Donald Trump's organization picked up Rick Wiley who led Governor Walker's terrible early campaign for President.  It looks like Mr. Wiley was going to be appointed over Scott Jolly who has served as national field director.  Mr. Jolly apparently disagrees and has resigned just as the race enters a run of primaries that the Trump team expects to roll thru.  This cannot be seen as good news for Team Trump.

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