Sunday, April 24, 2016

Government's True Purpose

The purpose of government first and foremost without any exception is to protect the innocent and bring the wicked to justice. That means provide for general safety and security. It is not and never has been the purpose of government to conduct "fair" or to derive programs. All of the stuff that seem to be argued in public these days have little if anything at all to do with the main thing.

Our Constitution lists rights..not granted by government. The rights listed in our Bill of Rights are guaranteed beyond the authority of government. That is what Thomas Jefferson spoke of in the Declaration of Independence when he mentioned that government derives authority from the governed and that our rights are endowed by the Creator. God outranks any President. The founders understood this...they codified it.

If government doesn't protect the basic rights, then all other things are window dressing nonsense. Keep splitting the country along the lines of one side wanting nonstop "free" and insisting that whatever they decide they want or don't want is suddenly a right and no one under the age of 40 right now will ever retire.

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