Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Revolt of the True Conservative

For years Conservatives have been sold a bill of goods.  That being the idea that we should simply go along with Republican candidates in elections and that regardless of how liberal they are, we are better off with them than we are with Democrats.  Further we have been told that candidates should ignore our limited government desires or our fundamental beliefs in order to be more attractive to independents and centrist Democrats.  This thinking is how we nominated John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.  We then watched both of them lose badly on election day while the government tracked to the left.

Now we come to 2016 and there is a backlash against the establishment.  Lo and behold we have an actual small government Conservative who respects the views of Evangelical Christians..and he is running against a very liberal part time Republican.  The contrast is pretty solid.  I am troubled by arguments from Trump supporters who suggest that Conservatives should step in line because Trump will succeed as a liberal because he is somehow more brilliant than other liberal Republicans have been.

Last week Mr. Trump had a tough time defining his view on abortion.  He gave multiple answers that were in conflict with each other and finally settled on the notion that abortion law should remain unchallenged.  This is hardly a position that can be reasonably expressed as Pro-Life.

Mr. Trump is really just an angry populist.  Angry populism is not Conservative.  In fact it is more likely to be protectionist and nationalistic.  We don't need either.  We need Conservative.  Historically when Republican candidates embrace true Conservative principles they win national elections.  When Republicans campaign as Democrat Light..they lose and lose badly.

Despite how rabid Trump fanatics are, he does not meet the standard needed in a President.  He lacks experience or basic understanding of our military, the roles we play among our allies or how to conduct day to day business of government.  The primary argument his supporters keep making is that he is not the establishment..except that he has spent the greater part of 40 year funding said establishment.

Tonight in Wisconsin, a heavily unionized state with a very strong populist tendency...Senator Ted Cruz blew out Donald Trump in the primary beating him by nearly 15% in a state in which he was running 3rd 2 weeks ago.  Conservatives need to unite behind an actual true Constitutionalist in Ted Cruz and support his progress toward the Republican nomination for President.

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