Saturday, April 9, 2016

More About Trump and Veterans

Two months ago Donald Trump threw a hissy fit and ducked out of a GOP Presidential debate because of his extreme fear of Megyn Kelly and his apparent phobia when it comes to getting actual serious questions.  He rushed to CNN to perform and pander to veterans organizations in a televised fund raiser.  We are told that Trump loves veterans.  So much so that between 2009 and 2013 his foundation donated a whopping $57,000 to veterans organizations which is more than half of the $100,000 that he donated to the Clinton Foundation.

To date out of $6,000,000 that was donated by others to Mr. Trump's event only 40% of the money has been actually distributed to veterans support groups.  No word on where the rest of the money is or what is going on with the distribution.  Perhaps we as a nation would have been better served if he had just not been such a whiny wuss hiding from Megyn Kelly.

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