Friday, June 7, 2013

The Schools Fail

Yesterday I was talking with a friend whose 14 year old daughter was in the room.  The kid is awesome, she is finishing 8th grade this month and is slated to take several honors classes her Freshman year next year.  She get's straight A's and is in the National Junior Honor Society.  It would be unreasonable to wish for a better kid.

Because I wonder about these things I asked her "what is D-Day?"  I got a blank stare and an "I don't know." in reply.  I then asked "What was the Battle of Midway?"  I got a frown and another "I don't know."  Her mom then tells me "they don't learn about that stuff." 

This is an honor student.  One generation ago in middle school kids were being clearly instructed on history and were in the midst of the cold war still.  It is already being forgotten while today's kids know all about pop culture and have absolutely no moral compass.  They spend too many partial days (which count as instruction days even with no insctruction) to get to the 180 total.  By the time a kid in today's schools graduates high school they will have had over 100 fewer days of actual teaching than they did in 1980.  The results?  An honor student doesn't know what D-Day means but can definitely tell you who won American Idol.

The Public School system in America is destroying America.  If you support it..YOU are the problem.  Don't trust a school system whose actual practitioners do not trust it.  (almost 50% of Seattle Public School teachers send their kids to Private School).

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