Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obama Invites China to RIMPAC

Semi Annual massive naval exercise designed to strengthen interoperability between US Navy forces and allies will apparently include China in 2014.  You know China..our new ally on the world stage...that China.  The one that is actively shorting us on trade, taking steps to wreck the dollar and building it's armed forces while threatening us in the South China Sea?  Ya...that China.

The administration is being run by a coalition of amateurs, criminals and old style Communists.  They have zero respect for actual security and have a frightful lack of regard for just plain bloody common sense.  Foolishness like this will be viewed by historians of the future with disdain when they aren't just flat out laughing at the stupidity of the generation that is leading us at this time.

Here is the right plan.  RIMPAC should be about planning by our allies to DESTROY the Chinese Navy.  Not an opportunity for our actual enemy to be shown methods and systems up close in action.  President Obama is a dumbass.

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