Monday, June 10, 2013

Patriot or Criminal?

 A Patriot puts country above self. There is never any obligation whatsoever to follow an illegal order. If you had a document that was arbitrarily classified Top Secret that was a report of the President of the United States committing murder there would be no obligation to protect a criminal.

The NSA whistle blower may be a Patriot. He also may have broken the law. We shall see. It does seem pretty self evident that our current administration is steamrolling the Constitution. If they have a problem with being called on it...*uck them.

What classification level was the Iran-Contra op? Probably Black. How about the Watergate break in of the DNC HQ? I imagine that was off the books as well.

Our National Security Act exists to protect the common interests of all Americans, not to hide secrets of renegade appointed officials and criminals holding office.

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