Thursday, June 6, 2013

Liberals and the Verizon Scandal

Yesterday I learned that Verizon wireless has been under an NSA order to hand over daily cell phone traffic data on every call.  These millions of calls are being tracked every single day and have been for years under the Obama administration.

During the Bush administration there was a domestic surveillance system in place to monitor cell calls originating outside of the US to follow terrorist communication activity.  The administration monitored traffic even if the calls originating outside of the US had a destination inside of the US.  Liberals went absolutely crazy for months.  There were calls for impeachment and claims that Bush was a fascist etc.  The MSM was unmerciful in it's criticisms of this program.  Eventually the administration ended the project.  It should be noted that participation by the cell phone companies in this process was actually voluntary!  That was the big scandal.

New FISA guidelines were written and passed into law by the Congress to lessen the requirements for surveillance in 2008.  Later the Obama administration violated the weaker guidelines and the Justice Department claimed the activity was a mistake and had ended.  Of course we now find out in fact that nothing really ended.  It was increased so now every call carried by Verizon wireless is tracked.  All of them.  Not just some of them.  This is just the carrier we know about.  No word yet on T-Mobile, Sprint or any other carrier.

The liberals that freaked out over the Bush administration domestic wiretapping program of course should be outraged beyond words over this.  Clearly MSNBC and CNN will be running a steady stream of critical programing of this governmental spying scandal.  Especially seeing as how they have convinced themselves that the war on terror is over with!

Any liberal who was in any way critical of George W. Bush over the use of FISA who does not rage openly about this cell phone spying scandal is the highest order of hypocrite and should be ridiculed as such.  I am not holding my breath.

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