Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why is the USA in Trouble?

Easy answer.  On Tuesday night the President gave a speech to the nation.  He spoke in flowery terms about a couple dozen spending ideas.  He lectured us all about why we should enact more ineffective gun control measures.  Mr. Obama called upon Congress to bring on more failed Green ideas, more provably flawed wage increases and more anti-business regulations. 

Under the Obama administration our National Debt has risen from $10Trillion to over $16Trillion.  This same President is arming the Muslim Brotherhood while watching the Arab spring turn into a nightmare.  He has used his power to force GPS into every new car, believes he has the authority to order drone attacks to kill American citizens without due process and openly lied about the results of his socialized health care plan.  He uses Executive Order at a level never before seen while we still do not know who ordered a rapid reaction team to stand down on September 11, 2012 thus allowing 4 Americans to be murdered in Libya. 

All these things go on relatively unchallenged by the MSM.  What is the big story of the week?  That Senator Rubio took a sip of water.  That is why the USA is in Trouble.  The important things are ignored while the stupid junk get's the coverage.  Sometimes some people really should be hit by an asteroid.

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