Saturday, February 23, 2013

Joe Biden's Advice to Ladies

So the Vice President says that his wife is to do the following in the event of an intruder. She is to go outside to their deck with the family shotgun and to fire warning shots into the air.  Well, I assume this would awaken the Secret Service protection that live at their residence (btw the Biden's charge the Secret Service rent! but that is an outrage of a different kind).  Anyhow this is fine advice for the VP's wife.

Here is why it is bad advice for anyone else..specifically the lady with the AR-15 that he was actually talking to.  In 3 easy steps.  1. Intruder detected 2. lady with shotgun fires warning shots 3. lady is now out of ammo after wasting shots on warning and is assaulted.  THAT WAS EASY!!!

Joe Biden is very very special in a bad way.

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