Friday, February 1, 2013

Lessons on Embassy Attacks

With today's suicide bomb attack on the US Embassy in Ankara Turkey one must wonder something very important. Have we inadvertently taught the bad guys that our Embassy sites are free targets? 

Two were struck in September.  Nothing has happened to the perpetrators.  Our government has treated these attacks as back burner items.  Even the questioning of Hillary Clinton last week by US Senators lacked the very important questions about response.  Thus far we have had no answer as to why a rapid response force that was ready to go was told to stand down. The AFRICOM Commanding General instead was relieved of command.

Obama is a friend to terrorists. He has supported the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt and is arming them.  He has tried to treat captured combatants as criminal instead of battlefield enemies and lacks the personal capacity to make the tough decisions in the clutch that matter in a life and death situation.  Obama is not a leader.  The world knows.  They are attacking us. 

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