Saturday, February 23, 2013

Remember Those Anti-War Liberals?

We all know the type.  They were never heard from during the Clinton administration while President Slick Willie sent American forces all over the Balkans and declared that regime change was our policy goal in Iraq.

George W. Bush was elected in accordance with the Constitution and then 9/11 happened.  Suddenly as if they were asleep since 1974 the American anti-War left woke up and discovered IRAQ!  The same Iraq that we held a state of war with since 1991 but let's not let facts get in the way.  For 10 years liberals have insisted that somehow the war in Iraq lacked legality while they gloss over evidence, laws, rules and common bloody sense.  NO BLOOD FOR OIL!!!!  BUSH IS HITLER!!! blah blah blah garbage.

That brings us to President Empty Chair.  Barack Obama was elected as the 2nd war protesting nominee in a row following their nomination of some mega-millionaire privileged white guy in 2004.  They handed Empty Chair a Nobel Peace prize nominating him 3 weeks into his first term...apparently for being not George W. Bush.  Empty Chair was supposed to bring about a new reality in the Middle East by his just being one Hell of a great guy.  Ya.  So let's count now.  He had us follow NATO into Libya to bomb Libyans killing other Libyans.  (Of course he wouldn't life a finger on Sept 11, 2012 when Libyans were killing AMERICANS on AMERICAN SOVEREIGN SOIL!!!  He sent American forces in 2011 to Africa to chase Gen. Koni.  That went largely ignored by the American press.  He has continued to arm Egypt even after watching the Moslem Brotherhood (a cover group for various Islamo-Fascist terror organizations also largely ignored by this administration) takeover the country leading to Sharia law.  And today we are being told that he will now deploy American forces to Niger to support actions inside Mali where one group of citizens of Mali are fighting a different group of citizens of Mali.

I am not saying these various wars he has taken us to are right or wrong either way.  I'm even going to ignore the amazing absence of any war declarations which I was told for years by lefties made the war in Iraq somehow illegal.  I saying if you are a Democrat voter who thinks Obama is a Peacemaker and decried Bush as a war monger you are a childish ill-informed ignorant moron.  The families of  the thousands of dead Pakistanis that hate America today who used to be our allies want your head.

This President is a foreign policy disaster in every same way that he is a fiscal idiot.  He is the worst Commander-In-Chief since Herbert Hoover.  He seems to fire a top General or Admiral every other month while constantly threatening to cut military pay and benefits.  He was removed one of those Aircraft carriers that you can land airplanes on while stretching deployments.  It is as if..I don't know..the President really does want to break the military some sort of ....what do you call it...ENEMY WOULD!

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