Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bed Bath and Beyond Attacker

A young mom shopping in Bed Bath and Beyond pushing a stroller with her newborn is attacked.  The attacker stabs her in the chest over a dozen times puncturing both lungs.  Tyrik Haynes the 19 year old waste of oxygen who was arrested for the crime was already facing charges regarding an incident last month in which he set a cat on fire.

Why this piece of work was even walking the streets is a major question in my mind.  Also the fact that he was carrying a weapon should be warning to those gun control fanatics that think weapons bans accomplish anything serious regarding public safety.

That said I just want to make one point.  Our system of laws should include justice.  Justice means that punishment should be equal to the crime.  This individual is a menace to society and has already proven he is not worthy to live among us. Neither should we as a society accept that monsters like this should be maintained at public expense. It would serve Mr. Haynes right if he were to be strapped down, stabbed in the chest and then set afire.

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