Sunday, January 6, 2013

Putnam County Clerk is a Hero of Common Sense

There are several items around the Journal News and other papers complaining about the denial of a Freedom of Information request.  Firstly they are simply wrong on the law.  There are Federal guidelines regarding public information that declare that within public information (which only means it is owned by the public) there is a concept called "releasable."  Just because something is public information (i.e. your Social Security number is public information, owned not by you rather by the Federal Government and thus the people) it is not releasable to the public.

The Journal News is guilty of using the information for no actual public benefit.  Common sense proves this and it is self evident.  These papers and publishers that are defending the Journal News are guilty of purposeful denial of common sense.

The county clerk of Putnam County is absolutely right in that he is denying the request based on the danger it puts private citizens in by publishing the names and addresses of legal permit holders.  The Journal News is guilty of placing all of the unarmed neighbors in direct danger.  Anyone pretending that this is not true should be openly mocked and humiliated.  No one should be treated as a serious adult in the discussion who thinks this was even decent journalism on the part of the Journal News.

Dennis Sant is a public employee with common sense and should be hailed.  Good conservatives should be willing to lend to any legal defense efforts he faces from the lunatic left.

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