Monday, May 2, 2016

50 Should Keep His Two Cents

Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent....former rich rap star...decided this weekend to make fun of a young man working in an airport in a video that has gone viral.  The waste of DNA that is 50cent can be heard making comments about the young man's appearance, accusing him of being high at work and other nonsense.

The young man's loved ones have spoken out saying that he has social anxiety.  The young man himself says he works hard and doesn't do drugs.

It must be tough to be a wannabe superstar and not get recognized..which is really all this is about.  50 Cent didn't get recognized and decided to bully someone he sees as beneath him.  He is in a word..a bully.  A piece of human garbage.  He should consider doing the world a favor and just shutting the Hell up..forever.

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