Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Price Amnesty?

And is it worth it? 

The Senate is arguing a so-called immigration reform plan that the Conservative Heritage Foundation has estimated would cost tax payers $6.3Trillion.  This would be the cost of providing benefits currently unavailable to an estimated 11Million illegal aliens.

Most people will not put much thought to numbers that large as they do not have a context for them.  $6.3Trillion would represent the totality of governmental benefits to those people over years.  $6.3Trillion is enough money to run the US Military for 9 years.  $6.3Trillion is more than we spend on housing in 90 years.  It is $570,000 per illegal alien.  It is a lot.

Think about that.  Would we benefit as a country by spending such extreme dollars on people provably willing to break the law just to exist in this country?  What makes anyone think amnesty would suddenly turn criminals into willing participants in a lawful society?  There really is no model in existence that supports this idea.  In fact every example in our own history shows exactly the opposite but I digress.  Let's just consider the dollars.

Here are a few ideas on what we can do with $6.3Trillion instead of another failed amnesty program. 

2000 mile border fence.  Something that liberals for years have insisted is unreasonable due to cost...can be done 120 times at $50Billion each.  We would still have change left over.  I imagine that would be quite a public works project...if we do it let's use some of that cheap Mexican labor to build them.  That would sure be ironic.  Just back sure they are facing north while building.

We could hire, train and equip a 2nd entire US Army of 500,000 men to do nothing but defend the border to our south for 30 years for $6.3Trillion. 

The population of Mexico is roughly 116,000,000.  We could write a check for every single citizen of Mexico for $54,000 with a  letter that says stay home. 

Thinking in these terms it is clear that the only real purpose of amnesty is to add millions of currently illegals to the potential voting rosters of Democrats.  This amnesty plan is foolishness and should be blown out of the water by the House of Representatives since the Senate remains incapable of doing the right thing.

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