Sunday, May 19, 2013

The IRS Run Wild!

For years Conservatives have warned about the evils of unchecked unmonitored governmental meddling.  Liberals always without fail make light of such ideas and then run merrily back to the polls to elect representatives to stick noses in every aspect of our daily lives in the name of what is good for us.

This latest scandal involving IRS employees treating Conservative organizations differently from Left Leaning organizations should scare most and anger all.  If it is acceptable for a group of public employees to use their positions to limit a voice simply because they disagree with that voice then there is no limit to power.  It is in effect the worst type of abuse and violation of our Constitution.  I doubt anyone sane would disagree with this.

The only true question now is to find out who was involved and what the punishment should be.  No doubt to me that any government employee who uses their position to harass private citizens belongs in jail. 

The story we are being fed is that this was the work of some rogue office in Ohio.  If that is the case then why the pretense of "firing" the acting head of the IRS who was set to leave office next month anyhow?  What exactly is the point of that supposed to be?  I'll tell you what it is.  It is a diversion.  A distraction on it's own.  The distraction is to keep us from paying attention to the fact that the administration knew this had been going on months before the 2012 election.  We are also not supposed to pay attention to letters from Democratic party members including United States Senators asking for the IRS to do exactly what they did. 

Finally, it is impossible for a unit of the IRS to operate this way without direction from management.  It is also not reasonable to assume that a local office would function in such an illegal fashion without guidance from the top.  And I don't mean the current acting Director.  The direction for something like this absolutely comes from the top of the Executive branch.  It is criminal and should be prosecuted.  From the top to the bottom.

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