Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Might Benghazi Be The End?

Last September 11 we saw our embassies in North Africa under assault.  As it was happening in Benghazi Libya our Ambassador was attacked and killed.  While the attack was underway the White House knew it was happening and someone in the chain of command ordered the Commanding General of US Forces in Africa to stand down a reaction team.  4 Americans were killed on that day.  At the very time of the attack it was apparent to anyone paying attention that this was terrorism organized to draw a reaction.

The following day President Obama avoided terming the attack as terrorism in a Rose Garden message.  His administration quickly tried to pin the blame on a Youtube video that 99.999% of us still have never actually seen.  He had Hillary Clinton out and about blaming the same Youtube video and the author was jailed.  Susan Rice, Deputy Secretary of State went on the weekend news shows and babbled the same foolishness about Youtube refusing to blame Islamic terrorists.

During the following weeks CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS all refused to make much mention at all of the attack or to give support to the families of the victims who were seeking voice.  The only major news location to find any information on Benghazi was FOXNEWS.  The story did blow up a bit during the Presidential debates when Mitt Romney challenged the President only to have moderator Candy Crowley erroneously defend the President regarding what he said in the above mentioned Rose Garden press conference.  CNN later that night gave a correction but by then the damage to the Romney Presidential campaign was done. 

Now months later we are on the eve of whistle blowers speaking before Congress.  These people have been hidden, denied legal support and threatened by Administration officials.  They will likely reveal what is obvious.  That the White House not only was not prepared to protect those Americans on September 11, 2012, but that when made aware of what was going on they denied support.  And then afterwards they tried to coverup what actually happened. 

A generation ago a foolish break in by Nixon campaign staff into the Democratic headquarters in a hotel in Washington D.C. that resulted in no one actually being hurt saw a coverup.  The ensuing scandal brought down a President who had just been re-elected in a landslide.  It took great MSM coverage for that story to gain traction.  This shameful performance regarding Benghazi by the President and his supporters should lead to Barack Obama's removal from office.  If this man has an ounce of character he would simply leave office without putting this country thru the pain of investigation.  Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton should ever serve in public office again.  They are both beyond contemptible.

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