Saturday, March 26, 2016

Obama's Cuba Visit

Cuba is a communist nation.  Communism is evil.  No force on Earth was responsible for more murder and suffering in the 20th century.  The American left is largely sympathetic to stupid things like...communism.  They dress it up on all sorts of different ways and call it different things...mostly because th largely pathetically stupid.

The President took a trip to Cuba this week.  He like a fool posed for pictures with a big giant Che head looming in the background.  He went to a baseball game and deigned 51 seconds of comments to the bombings in Belgium.  He praised Cuba's dictatorship for what it can teach us about..well really I don't remember..I was too overcome with laughing at this moron we call Mr. President.

It should be a rule that when our liberal friends praise this clown we are legally obligated..not just allowed to punch them in the throat.

If we do not teach our children to understand that Communism=bad..we have failed them.

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