Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Immigration is a National Security Issue

Normally we see the conversation about immigration and immigration reform discussed as an economic issue.  One between people who see immigration as some sort of charitable item to the less fortunate at the expense of American citizens who inherently have an advantage in the random gamble of life. 

This is nonsense.  Countries firstly are sovereign and should operate under laws defining their existence.  The United States of America being a sovereign nation should function not with open borders, but with standards.  We don't need a simplistic ban of immigrants to solve some vague concept of security.  We need real security physically and existentially secured by a series of rules that shape policy.

Firstly our immigration policy should be determined on the basis of what benefits this country.  Too often immigration law and policy is derived from the perspective of how to benefit the foreign national.  It is treated as a charitable item and those in opposition are scorned by both Democrats and Republicans as somehow racist.  It is not racist to want to define and determine who is in this country.  Immigrants should only be allowed to come to America if there is some definitive benefit to our society.  No one should enter if by their presence they will only be taking from the benefits that we have to offer whether they be thru governmental welfare programs or charitable benefit programs.

Second immigrants must be willing to assimilate into our society.  People coming to this country intent on collectively forcing us to change are in violation of our sovereignty.  It is irrational for any society to simply yield to those coming from worse situations.  If a group of people are escaping their homeland they have a reason to be leaving.  Whatever the conditions that they are leaving we certainly should not want to recreate in this country.  We should welcome those that wish to participate productively in our system and experience the American dream.  Those intent on taking over are not welcome.

Third anyone wishing to enter the United States should undergo a strict vetting process.  People unable to be validated under very strict guidelines cannot be allowed entry for any reason.  There are countries in the world that have entire populations that have been taught to treat us as evil.  It can be assumed that citizens from such countries should be scrutinized very carefully.  If this means that people without records simply cannot enter that is unfortunate but again..our immigration policy should be guided by what benefits this country.  A fair equally enforced vetting process should be a clear requirement in any immigration system.  No exceptions should be made for any adult that cannot be validated.

Fourth illegal immigrants are criminals.  It matters not at all what their reason for being here is.  You cannot say you love this country if you refuse to respect it's laws.  Illegal immigrants should be treated when caught like criminals and prosecuted.  It is absolutely impossible to have an immigration system that has no way of knowing who is in the country and why they are here.  We have a glaring open wound along the southern border that has been violated millions of times.  It is inherently a bad thing for us economically regardless of cheap labor arguments that are made by business owners. I contend that business which rely on illegal laborers support human rights abuses by maintaining people hiding in the shadows.  Women crossing the border to work are subjected to human traffickers and sexually abused.  These undocumented people put demands on our social welfare programs and the safety net designed for our own people.  They damage our health care system with excessive use of emergency room treatments.  They strain our educational system by forcing their children into processes that have limited resources.   These people cause chaos in the social security system by misuse of identity information.  The economic damage is real.  The human cost is also real.  It is fundamentally un-American to participate in the promotion of an abusive process that continues to encourage illegal entry into the country. 

Fifth the physical reality of a wall has a historical basis.  There are many who will say we can't possibly build a wall along the southern border..yet...look around the world.  There are walls.  There are many walls.  Walls surround the Vatican City.  China has a 1600 mile long wall that protected it from Mongolian invaders.  The White House in Washington DC is surrounded by fencing for protection.  Walls exist in the world because they in fact do work.  We should complete a wall along the southern border.  It should be staffed with human patrols and surveillance equipment permanently.  Until we prove to Mexico that we are serious there is no actual relationship of mutual respect.  Mexico will not respect an America that does not protect self first.

Finally the purpose of government is to protect the people.  Our government fails on this whenever it allows someone to enter the country illegally.  Our government fails when it allows someone to simply overstay a Visa without questions.  We fail our children when we strain already limited resources by allowing a population of millions who do not belong here to stay simply because it may be hard to find them all.  We need a reasonable rational immigration system that would be good for our country.  It is great for the United States to attract the best and brightest.  The price should not be an inherent lack of security and economic compromise.

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